Antioch, IL


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Dog Training in Antioch, Illinois

We are locally owned and have been in business training dogs in Antioch since 1991. We work directly with dog owners.  Frank has trained thousands of dogs from Pit Bulls to Chihuahuas with all types of behavioral problems.  Every dog can be a well trained dog and a well trained dog is a happy dog!

Even your dog can be a well trained dog. Call Frank's Training Center 847-838-0523

We offer obedience training for dogs and puppies of all ages, breeds and training levels from Puppy to Advanced Obedience.

Group Classes


Private Instruction

Ring Rental
Our training courses teach you how to clearly and effectively communicate with your dog, strengthening the bond between you and your loyal friend. We focus on "traditional" obedience sit, stay, down, heel and come (the recall).  We will also teach you to use and enforce all of these commands with hand signals. After you and your dog have learned these skills, we introduce everyday distractions to the training focusing on staying and recalling under distraction skills that one day may save your dog's life. Of course, your dog will also learn the good manners and social skills that every dog should have.  We train your dog for life.