Antioch, IL


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                                             the Foster's Kennels Story

No one likes to board their dog, including us. The kennels at Foster's were designed to make boarding easier by providing a unique level of care which we think you might find interesting. Our experienced staff care for your pets in a climate controlled pet care facility built just for them.
The 20-run kennel which is contained in the Center, offers a unique and very high level of care for dogs needing to be boarded. Although licensed and inspected by the State of Illinois, the kennel is small by commercial standards and is operated as a private facility. Reservations well in advance are recommended for those wanting to board here.

The current boarding rate at Foster's, $30 per night, is subject to change without notice.
  • THE INDOOR RUNS  Our kennel room contains 20 runs, eight of which are 4' by 6' and twelve of which are 3' X 6'.  Dogs are natural born spectators...they need something to watch.  For this reason ten of our runs face the main interior where much of the human activity happens. The other ten runs share five picture windows positioned at eye level, affording a picturesque outdoor view to the south. Our ten 12' by 11' outdoor exercise yards adjoining the west side of the building provide relief and play areas for the dogs.  The primary surface in the exercise yards is pea gravel, augmented by 4' wide concrete decks running from the gate to the rear of each yard. The yards overlook trees, prairie and marsh to the west, offering both a rural scene and lots of fascinating wildlife scents.

  • HUMAN SUPPORT ACTIVITIES  All human  activities related to the care of our boarded dogs are contained in the same room as the kennels... food preparation, dish washing and laundry. To reach the outdoor exercise yards, each dog must be taken by a person from the kennel to it's yard. An efficiency expert would call our layout a time waster. We designed it to create opportunities for frequent human contact with the dogs, which we think is far more important than efficiency.

  • PHYSICAL CARE  Our feeding program offers a choice of several good quality dry foods, moistened with warm water and stirred thoroughly.  We will gladly feed owner-provided food if desired.  Water bowls are emptied and refilled on a regular basis. Each dog is carefully examined daily to assure constant awareness of its external physical condition. We will carry out any owner-administered program of medication the dog might be undergoing.

  • HOUSEKEEPING  The dogs sleep on a soft, double thick bedding which is laundered every three days or sooner if necessary. All food and water are served in stainless steel bowls which are washed after each feeding. The kennel room floor and each occupied kennel run are cleaned and disinfected daily.

  • GENERAL ENVIRONMENT  Air quality is essential to the healthy housing of dogs. We have the ability to completely change the air in the kennel room ten times per hour and maintain a comfortable interior climate, regardless of outside weather conditions or temperature.  Three large ceiling fans ensure that warm air isn't trapped above where the dogs live, but circulates gently throughout the kennel room to preserve freshness for dogs and humans.

  • NURTURING THE INNER DOG  This is perhaps the area in which we most pride ourselves. There are no skulkers, chronic barkers or hunger strikers at Foster's. You have already read about the human contact aspect of the kennel. Our staff is skilled at "reading" dogs and modifying poor behavior such as pointless barking. Cookie breaks occur three times a day at the kennel, with a lot of "TLC" being handed out along with the treats. The well maintained psyche of our dogs has become legend among our clients.

  • REQUIREMENTS FOR BOARDING  We require proof that all dogs visiting the Center, whether for boarding or for obedience training, are current on their immunization programs, including protection against bordetella (canine cough), and to have had a recent fecal exam. Your Vet can provide this. Although the kennel is annually licensed and inspected by the Illinois Department of Agriculture, our boarding capability has never been advertised. We prefer to operate as a private kennel, relying on the word of satisfied clients for our future growth.

  • SOME RULES TO KEEP IN MIND  Your dog must arrive on leash. First time boarders will be ask into the kennel room to see how and where your dog will be kept and also shown our outdoor exercise yards. After your initial visit, the kennel room and exercise yards are off limits to minimize the introduction of unnecessary external contamination into the boarding environment. When you come to pick up your dog we will bring it out to you on leash. Remember; this is an active training center with dogs coming and going throughout the day. To avoid any possible incident between dogs our on-premises leash rule is strictly enforced.

  • A WORD ABOUT KENNEL RESERVATIONS  Kennel space for your dog should be reserved as soon as you know the dates needed. Twenty runs don't go very far when the clientele is in the hundreds. If your kenneling requirements change, please let us know as soon as possible. We maintain a waiting list for space virtually every month, so early notice will help us accommodate others needing to board.

  • A LITTLE ON-PREMISES COMMON SENSE  Foster's is a business but it is also the owners' home with the usual activities, many of which involve their dogs. Cars coming too fast could make this a bit risky.  We ask that you do us the courtesy of honoring a requested speed limit of 15 miles per hour while on the property.