Antioch, IL


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Love the training program here and would recommend to anyone. You can see the genuine love Fosters has for training dogs and their people!!

Regina T.  Round Lake, IL

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I've done all my dog training here, and my dogs are regular boarders as well. The dogs are always happy to come to Foster's, and are treated with kindness and care all the time. Watching Frank Foster work a dog is a thing of beauty.

Margaret C.  Antoich, IL

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Frank Foster at Foster's Training Center introduced my baby pet toller, Argo, to puppy obedience 15 years ago, and ended up training the two of us through Utility and laying the foundation for competitive obedience, rally, agility and field training for not only Argo, but also Vela, Eta and Chiron. Eta and Chiron have benefited from Frank's training skills even though they have never met them! Thanks, Frank, for opening up a whole new world of partnering with my dogs. I am sure my new Ohio dog training friends are a bit tired of hearing me say, "this is how Frank taught me to do it when I lived in Illinois" LOL

Mary F.  Columbus, OH
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Foster's training center is top notch. You can go to classes or have individual lessons with Frank Foster. Frank is wonderful with the dogs. The rates are not cheap but you get what you pay for.
The boarding facilities are fabulous. They are detached from his home but on his property. We feel comfortable knowing that someone is always close. The actual boarding facility is so clean that you could eat off the floor. They feed your dog on schedule and take them out and play during the day.
The staff is wonderful and they put up with us calling every day!! Highly recommended but you must book way ahead of time.

Joan N. Lake Villa, IL

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Frank runs a great outfit.  I took my Great Dane to his puppy training class and have been very happy. She's well behaved.  I start my next puppy this week in his class. He knows what he's doing.

Matt B.  Grayslake, IL
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Well let's see I first met Frank and Nancy, with my first dog, in 1994, ' Troy Dallas' my muttly mut :) soon after, I brought in Racer, Rutger , Butch , all earned their CD, I brought in 2 golden pups from a service dog org ( I was a foster mom while I trained them both under Frank's expertise ) then my next pack of dogs have all been Rottweilers, so ' Uncle " Frank has trained all 5 Rotties ! I am forever grateful for his knowledge, skills, and wit :) I highly recommend this trainer! Total dogs trained , 11, peace of mind for me and the neighbors, ' Priceless '

Kimberly G.  Chicago Area